What more can I handle?

After what happened to Calum, there has been so much about life I’ve contemplated, with fragility at the forefront. Now that Mike and I have lived through such incredible fear and pain watching our baby battle cancer, I’ve wondered what more from life we might be asked to endure. We are still so young in [...]


Calum had only begun school four months before his diagnosis, so I didn’t get much of a taste of it, but I loved every second of the freedom it gave me. I’d drop him off four glorious mornings a week and was ready to take on the rest of the day by the time I [...]

A Murray Family Update

I realize have taken my liberties over the last several months to discuss topics beyond the progress of our family and, specifically, Calum through his cancer journey. I started this blog as a place to harbor my original updates, but also as a place where I could explore writing in some other capacities, as I [...]

Hang the F in there.

May 2, 2018 Today was enlightening for me. For most people in the northeast of America, it was the first taste of summer - my favorite season. I don’t know if it is because my birthday is in the summer, or there is no school in the summer, or that incredible feeling of the nighttime [...]

Zen (AF)

Driving in and out of New York City is rarely uneventful. The Bruckner Expressway, which I loathe, is the most direct route for me to get in and out of Manhattan. The Bruckner is almost always jammed up along the way. Leaving the city, as you enter the onto the Bruckner, there is a merge. [...]