Realizations and Renovations

It’s been hard to write lately. Life has been changing so rapidly, I have barely had time to blink before the way I feel about everything shifts, and I’m confused all over again.  I hate to sound like a brat, but 2020 was supposed to be our year….well, shit. After over three years of living [...]


The start of a New Year is an interesting time. We reflect and we project and we set new goals for self-improvement, and then somewhere around mid-February we fall back into our normal pattern of life. 2020, for our family, marks the start of what we hope will be a whole new lease on life; [...]

Know Your Role

A lot of my life now is defined by being a wife and a mother, especially since Calum’s diagnosis and the extra care necessary in my role as a mom, given his circumstances. This is my most important role in life and, indeed, the role I am most proud to occupy. My family is first [...]

December 26th is not just the day after Christmas.

December 26th has always been a day I have loved. Growing up, it was fun because it was an opportunity to properly absorb what you had been given on Christmas day without the hustle of having to get out the door to a family party. You could sort through all the different Chapstick flavors from [...]

Oh, Baby

So, we’ve done it again. We’re going to have another baby. It’s taken me a while to feel ready for this after all we went through in the last couple years, but we have always wanted three kids, and I ain’t getting any younger. Planning a pregnancy is something I had not strategically tried to [...]