Ride or Die

I was listening to Hot 97.1 the other day - it’s the number one radio station for hip hop in New York, and I sometimes flick it on after school drop off. It’s not kid friendly listening so-to-speak and it makes me feel so much more “street” when the car seats are empty. Calum is also [...]

Honey and Tess

When I was growing up on Cape Cod, our next door neighbors were the Crimmins’ sisters. They were at least 150 years old and their names were "Honey" and "Tess". They both had these tremendous noses with little white whiskers poking out all over, and I could never really tell which sister was Honey and [...]

School is a saucy minx and I love her.

Many friends and family have asked me how school is going so far for Calum and Faye, but what I really want to tell them about is how school is going so far for me. It’s Pre-K and nursery school, people. The song-singing, play time and coloring have been treating the kids just fine, thanks. [...]

Bottoms Lives Matter

For a straight woman, wife and mother of two small children, I had somewhat of an unconventional getaway this summer. I went to Provincetown, MA, commonly referred to as P-town, which is a small town on Cape Cod well-known for catering to a largely LGBTQ community. It also happens to be an insanely picturesque landscape [...]

Trust Your Gut

Leading up to the day of Calum’s diagnosis, which was the day after Christmas of 2016, I had a terrible, sinking feeling in my gut.  Calum was suffering from a nasty cold and cough, and despite being in the midst of cold and flu season, I could feel something much worse was happening with him. [...]